Jaclyn Ciamillo

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jaclyn ciamillo


Hello, I'm Jaclyn. 

I am genuinely interested in ethnography, learning, innovation, and social good. I'm from New York but spent most summers in Vermont as a kid.

My inner adventurer has sent me all over the world to discover what so many cultures besides my own have to offer.  Being with my family, walking my dog, hiking, writing, or surfing makes me most happy.

My passions keep me busy outside of my people and culture work at Capital One. Sustainability and environmental awareness are highly important to me. I'm the co-founder of Surprisingly Good, an organization that brings people together to find solutions for community challenges through collective knowledge and emerging tech. Learn more about our products by reading about the Copenhagen based Social Lab. In my former life at Hyper Island, I worked as a Global Partnership Director, where I built change management programs for clients all over the world with lots of amazingly talented people. 

I'm an organizational design consultant with 11+ years of experience. I have worked in roles across HR, business development, marketing, and operations. If you'd like to connect or grab a coffee, contact me via email or LinkedIn

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